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Mysterious person drives through Broad Ripple yard, almost hits house

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A woman in Broad Ripple is wanting drivers to slow down on the roads after she said a car drove through the front yard of her Westfield Boulevard home last week.

Traci Willis believes the car came up through her yard and hit a small tree. She just wants that driver to own up to what they did.

"I was pretty dumbfounded. I can see maybe a little bit up the yard, but totally into our yard. It was kind of scary," Willis said.

Her home sits on the corner of Westfield Boulevard, where 62nd Street and Park Avenue intersects in the village.

"This is kind of a confusing intersection. Maybe they had thought they turned on to Park Avenue but kind of over did it," Willis said.

The driver only damaged her yard and her baby ginkgo tree, but things could’ve been worse. She said the driver barley missed her house and car.

She’s thankful the incident happened at night. If it happened during the day, her daughter could’ve been standing there waiting for the bus.

She wants the driver to admit what they did.

"I was just hoping someone maybe saw it and there could be some action taken. It may have been a neighbor. If so let them know I know," Willis explained.

She also wants drivers to slow down, especially in icy conditions. She believes ice played a role in the mysterious car driving through her front yard, so she’s making some improvements.

"We’re going to get more rocks. That’s part of the reason why I built that garden to kind of bump up and create a little bit of a barrier. Our friend is going to give us some boulders to kind of put here so maybe something can stop them," Willis said.

She said next time the damage could be a lot worse. She said Westfield Boulevard is a busy road and this is the second time someone has driven onto her yard.

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