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Mom and puppy escape injury after wind blows scaffolding onto Jeep in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Thursday’s high winds blew scaffolding onto a Jeep on the near north side of Indianapolis.

Daniel Carrera watched the whole disaster unfold as he drove by. He even tried to honk and warn the woman behind the wheel, but he said it was too late. Carrera said he came running to the vehicle to find a woman and her puppy inside, but luckily they were not injured. He told her they had to hurry to get them out.

“I realized there was a piece of scaffolding in the window that was kind of going to come crashing in, and it would probably injure the lady," Carrera said.

According firefighters, the woman was driving by when the structure fell in the 1800 block of N. Alabama St. shortly before 5:17 p.m. Carrera said the lady told him she was going to pick up her grandson, and that she had just got the car.


We are still working to find the name of the woman inside the vehicle.


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