Crews patch central Indiana potholes during dry day of weather

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – Road crews describe the past week of weather as a roller coaster. But Friday they took advantage of the dry weather to address potholes, before switching gears to prepare for potential winter weather.

"It's terrible, I mean it's not good on the cars," Sonnie Ebikwo said pulling out of a neighborhood, with a pothole sitting in front of it.

The weather this week isn't helping.

"We normally don't see this amount of potholes and in our area after a typical winter but this winter's been a little bit unusual with the temperature swings and the amount of moisture we've had," said Hamilton County Highway Department Director Bradley Davis.

Crews across the county worked on patching potholes, including in Westfield.

"We are using what they like to call a cold mix that is more of a temporary fix. There’ll be some asphalt plants opening up in the next couple weeks with some hot mix and we're gonna try and get our hands on some of that," said the city's street supervisor, Justin Jones.

On the interstate, crews are dealing with both fixing potholes and preparing for the potential winter weather.

"The challenge earlier this week was we had such heavy rain consistently across the early part of the week that it didn't give our crews as much of an opportunity to attack potholes full force as they'd like. So now that we've had a little bit of stretch of dry weather here it has given us a chance to get out and address a good number of potholes," INDOT spokesperson Scott Manning said.

Now, crews are preparing for potential winter weather. But next week, INDOT said they'll focus on pothole patching as weather allows, using a hot asphalt mix for a more permanent solution.

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