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Love stories in the Hoosier state

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to showcase some of the timeless love stories made right here in the Hoosier state.

Every couple has their own path to finding that special someone. Some relationships are built over the years, while others come when you least expect it.

Morgan Smillie and Anthony Monnot met on Tinder three years ago. “I was working a very hard manufacturing job as an HR business partner and I didn’t have a lot of time,” she explained.

Now the two are planning to spend a lifetime together.

For John and Lindsay Harrison, the friend zone came first.

“As I came home on the weekends and John was here, and we did a lot in groups,” Lindsay explained.

Fast forward nearly 12 years later, between taking care of four kids, and running several businesses,  they’re the first to admit, it hasn’t always been easy.

“We were at a point where a lot of people really decide to call it quits. We were truly at rock bottom,” she said.

But the couple embraces their highs and lows, and says that’s just part of their story.

"We just put our noses to the grinding stone and went to work. We knew that our family would be worth it,” said John.

For James and Jolande Womack, even a language barrier proved to be just a minor obstacle.

“I had my pocket translator in my pocket. I took it out, and it took us about three and half hours to have 15 minutes worth of serious conversation," said James.

Fifty-eight years later, the two have been through two wars, the death of a child, and now they are now forced to live apart  with Alzheimer’s disease attacking Jolande’s mind and body.

James visits Jolande every day, and says nothing has wavered their commitment or dedication to one another.

“It has been a wonderful relationship, and I wish every man and every woman could have the kind of relationship that we have,” he said.

Whether they have a lifetime ahead of them or are dealing with challenges outside their control, each love is special in its own way.

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