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Snow showers early this evening, more winter woes Wednesday


Scattered snow showers developed Monday afternoon and evening.  A few sick spots are likely early this evening before these diminish.  Driven by the heating of the day, (higher February sun-angle) chilly air and a weak wind shifting front nearby, these snow showers will scatter and eventually diminish later tonight.

Below the two images from the Golf Club of Indiana just after 4:30 pm and then just after 6pm.  A couple tenths of an inch under the snow showers is possible, evident here as the ground whitening ip.


A large and expanding area of high pressure will bring clearing late tonight and eventually become stubborn with east winds keeping a shallow layer of cold through central Indiana into Wednesday morning.  A surge in moist and warmer air north will overrun and the cold layer and spread north into central Indiana late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  As warmer air surges north, snow will develop then begin to become mixed with sleet and freezing rain.  A window of six to eight hours of wintry precipitation is looking likely before ending around sunrise Wednesday.

At this time a couple inches of snow will fall with sleet and freezing rain to follow.  Ice accumulation is possible before the change to rain.

Our thinking is that travel could be dangerous early Wednesday and while advisories have been hoisted west and south, they will likely be required here.  I'm posting below the National Weather Services Weather Prediction Center's probability of .10" ice accumulation below.

We're posting the forecast radar data along with a added 32-degree line.  Note the highlight 32° line and proximity to model forecast denoting rain. Could we be in line for moderate to heavy freezing rain early Wednesday morning?  We will monitor and have new information later tonight for our 10 and 11 pm newscasts.  Be sure to check back for updates

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