Clean your medicine cabinet

All week long we are sprucing up before spring!  Getting rid of clutter in the pantry. Makeup drawers and today your medicine cabinet. Dr. Kristine Nanagas is a Toxicologist at IU Health and is answering questions about cleaning up your medications.


Reasons and tips to clean your medicine cabinet

  • 45 - 75% of people who are prescribed opiates will not finish their prescription - instead, they keep the medicine at home and even share it with friends/family who might have a painful condition.
  • Safe storage of medications is vital - it`s estimated that 9,500 children under the age of six are hospitalized each year from accidental exposure to prescription medications.
  • Take back sites are the only guaranteed way to safely get rid of the drugs that need to come out of your medicine cabinet.
  • Common medications with dangerous interactions/side effects - cold medications are a common source of potential side effects and overuse.


Dr. Nanagas is with IU Health and for information about their services click the link below

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