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Officials say the end is in sight for Brownsburg redevelopment

BROWNSBURG, Ind. - Nearly two years after breaking ground on the largest investment in town history, officials in Brownsburg say they are close to completion.

The 90 million dollar redevelopment project brings mixed used facilities with new apartments, retail shops and restaurants to Green Street.

While part of Green Street remains closed, officials say they are on an accelerated construction schedule and hope to have the road open by June.

They believe the entire strip will be up and running by July 1st.

The first restaurant to open will be Rush Off Main. Owner Jeff Sepiol says  final inspections will take place in the coming weeks. They hope to open their doors by mid March.

It all started with an idea to expand here nearly 2 years ago.

"A lot of dreams. A lot of drawings on paper," he says.

Those drawing now come to life in this Chicago style eatery, and Sepiol says it's better than he imagined.

"Not only was it a great town with great people but also the look of what they’re doing right here. We think it fits perfectly."

Inside, among scaffolding and ladders, the unboxed televisions and stacked stools show the progression nearly as well as the sign on the window. A sign that says "Now Hiring."

The same could be said of Green Street. Exposed rebar and piping sits next to "open" and "now leasing" banners.

On the west side of the street one business stands alone. They know it won't be that way long.

"People are kind of looking for that next area, that next place to go," says Anthony Coy. He is the facility manager at Athletico Physical Therapy.

Athletico opened their doors on Christmas Eve. While they still long for a front door and a sidewalk, they're excited to be first in what they expect will be future growth.

"You have everything that you might need," Coy says. "But it’s still a small tight knit community where people get along and are really trying to help people out."

He says in the past some clients have shared their frustrations. Many in the town did not like seeing a four story building replace a small town church, and overlook a small town ball park.

"They say it doesn’t feel like the Brownsburg that I’m used to, but they are excited for what it is going to be though."

Town council president, Brian Jessen, says the fear of change is turning into the excitement of change.

Now, he says many people just ask him what business will be coming to town next.

"All of the tenants that we have looked at for inside these buildings are not tenants or retailers that are already in Brownsburg," says Jessen. "They are new. They are finally looking at Brownsburg in different light, and want to come out this way now."

He hopes people looking for a new home will feel the same way. He encourages everyone to come out and walk around the newly opened section.

Sepiol says everyone he has spoken to is excited for the future, excited for summer.

"I think the sky is the limit. The loyalty that I’ve noticed that this town for itself, and the people in the town have for Brownsburg […] the ceiling is so high."




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