Closing the books on meteorological winter

Data pix.

WINTER 2018-2019

Meteorological winter ends on the final day of February. The cold weather months of December, January and February are used for recordkeeping purposes and this one (winter) ends as the fourth straight above normal in central Indiana.

December was mild, averaging nearly 5° per day above normal and featured 20 straight days above normal ending with a 60-degree high New Year’s Eve.

61 percent of the days were above normal since December 1, with a preliminary average temperature ranking 39th warmest, it enters the books among the warmest 27 percent on record.


The warmest day was 62° while the coldest was -11°. What is really remarkable is that the occurrence of each were only separated by four days! We plunged to -11° on January 30, and then surged to 62° on February 3!


The snow that fell from December 1 to February 28 was the most in in five years but was once again below normal. Exiting February with 16.3" is 5.7" below normal. The entire snow season has again been a disappointment for snow enthusiasts, totaling 16.7", or 6.4" below normal.

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