‘They’ve gone way above’: Local dealer helps injured Fishers police officer find mobility

FISHERS, Ind. – Officer Binh Dennis with the Fishers Police Department is rolling on some new wheels thanks to the help of a local car dealer.

Dennis was severely injured last October in a motorcycle accident. After dying twice on the Lifeline flight to the hospital, he managed to survive the crash, but he’s recovering in a wheelchair.

“Traumatic brain injury, they had to remove a piece of my skull," Dennis said. "That’s why you see the staples [in his head], they had to put it in a couple weeks back.”

His family's Jeep Cherokee was too high for him and his wife to get him into, but they were stuck in a 25-month lease. When options at their dealer didn't work out, a friend suggested they contact Don Hinds Ford in Fishers where the friend had got their car. The dealership had heard of Dennis's story.

“They purchased our car from us, a car they don’t even sell on their lot," Dennis said. “They purchased our vehicle, and gave us the highest value they possibly could [on a new vehicle]. Not only did they save us $5,000 on our vehicle, but they sold us our vehicle at the minimum price they could possibly sell it to us for.”

They even offered to make the deal easier for the family to complete given the driving issues.

“If you need us to bring a car to you, I don’t care how many it is, I'll bring it to you. You can test drive it,” Dennis said he was told.

Dennis can get in and out of the new truck in just minutes. He said the newfound freedom will allow him and his wife to operate without the help of others.

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