First weekend of March to take a wintry turn with arctic blast to follow


Remember the open to March four years ago? Nearly 6" of snow fell leaving an 11" snow depth - the second largest ever so late in the season and most to start a March on record.

A wide range of weather can occur this month as spring and winter battle it out. It has been as warm as 85° (1981) and as cold as -7° (1980). Note, the extremes came within one year of each other!

Brighter days ahead? We gain another 1 hour and 18 minutes of daylight this month. Annually, March is the month that warms the fastest. The average high reaches 58-degrees by months end.


The long advertised snow and cold arrives on Sunday. Snowfall of up to 3" is possible in Indianapolis with slightly higher totals favoring the southern third of the state. Snowfall coverage and intensity will really ramp up by early afternoon with as much as 80 percent areal coverage.

Off suite of machines, the average snowfall generated specifically for Indianapolis is 1.9" with a range from 1" to as much as 2.8". I'm posting below the probability of a 1" snow off a collection or ensemble of snowfall forecasts and the probability of a 4" snowfall as well. The trend favors the higher totals south.


A full-blown, late season, bitter arctic blast is coming after the snow departs Sunday night. Monday's wind chills will be bitter (-5° to -15°) with afternoon temperatures as much as 30-degrees below normal. The cold patter takes hold as the chill persists early next week and only eases slightly late week. More snow is possible after near record lows Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

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