Hostage situation in Anderson ends peacefully

Scene of hostage situation in Anderson, 3/02/2019. (Photo By Corbin Millard)

ANDERSON, Ind. — A mother and her child are without injury after being held hostage in Anderson.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Departs said they were called to the 4000 block of South 100 East around 11 a.m. Saturday for a person being held hostage.

After a few hours, the mother was able to escape the home soon and fled to an outside garage area where SWAT officers were posted.

Police said the gunman, Michael R. Shewman of Yorktown, left the home and gave up without incident roughly half an hour later.

The victim stated Shewman held her at gunpoint and threatened her multiple times. Shewman admitted he did not know the mother or child.

Officers said the mother and child where parking their car after arriving home. As they got out of the vehicle,Shewman approached them with a gun and tried to force the two inside their home. The child ran to a neighbor’s house and told the neighbor what was happening.

“We all came together and worked well and came out without any incident,” said Major Joey Cole of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.

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