Police arrest 2 teens in connection with at least 15 delivery driver robberies in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—The streets are a little safer for delivery drivers after two teens are arrested and charged for allegedly robbing more than a dozen drivers.

FOX59 was first to break to the story.

Tywan Allan and Julian Petty, both 17, are suspected of robbing at least 15 delivery drivers starting back in October.

The series of crimes took place on Indy's north side.

Driver from Pizza Hut were hit four times, Dominos three times, Donatos twice and once each at Papa Johns, Taste of China, China Kitchen, Food King, Jets Pizza and Jacks Pizza.

"I watched three people get robbed out of my peephole," said one witness who asked that we not use her name.

That woman lives on Blue Jay Lane. Investigators claim 8 times the suspects lured drivers to an address on that street, often holding them at knifepoint in the adjacent laundry room.

The woman who lives in that apartment says she tried to warn drivers to stay away.

"I called the places. I called the Chinese place and pizza place and said, 'Don’t deliver here,'" said the witness. "I would tell them, 'You might want to call the police and you might want to leave because they’re about to come for you.'"

After robbing a driver from Jacks in late February, police say the teenage suspects stole the driver’s car.

"The attacker came around the corner with a knife drawn to him and had him give him his phone, wallet and keys. He ran off and stole his car," said Jack's manager Nicholas Toplis.

The next day police found the stolen car and then waited for a week until the suspects robbed a driver from Donatos. That turned out to be the last in the series of crimes.

"It’s scary because it could happen everywhere. I’m just grateful they got caught," said Donatos manager Dani Waldeck.

Court records show with SWAT and K9 officers looking on, Petty and Allan tried to run away with the Donatos driver's pizza and cash, but were quickly taken into custody.

Police caught up with the suspects after Allen was tased and "apprehended by a canine." A gun fell out of Allen's waistband as he ran and was found to be stolen, police said.

Petty was found a short time later hiding in a tree.

The pair are now facing charges for 5 out of the 15 crimes.

"Our drivers here and other places feel safer because we kind of knew it was the same guys," said Waldeck.

Both teens face multiple counts of armed robbery and will be tried in court as adults. Allen was also charged with possession of marijuana.

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