Irvington woman unhappy with St. Patrick’s Day festivities, while others enjoy it

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s Saint Patrick's Day weekend and people are already celebrating. Crowds of people packed the streets of downtown Indianapolis for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade.

"It’s just a lot of fun. It’s a good time to call off work or request off work and you know and come have a good time on a Friday," said Indy resident Carlos Hood.

Traci Maciotok starts coming up with ways to keep people out of her driveway on the holiday.

"Nothing against people who like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but for me it’s not cool," Maciotok said.

Macitok’s Irvington home sits next to Si Greene’s Pub and for the last four years, people continue to park in her driveway.

"It’s obvious that these are people’s driveways. It’s kind of disrespectful and I’m sure if people think they’re rentals and it doesn’t matter," Maciotok said.

She’s spoken to the bar manager and has tried blocking it off, but nothing has worked.

"I understand everybody wants to celebrate and have a good time, which I’m totally for that, but at the same time you need to be mindful of other people and respect their property," Maciotok said.

Maciotok plans to take some items from her house to block her driveway.

While Maciotok comes up with ways to keep people off her property, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department wants those out celebrating to be safe.

"You want to make sure you drive safely and drive slowly; if you do come downtown and partake in any events. If you’re drinking alcohol, make sure you find a safe ride home," IMPD Spokesperson Officer Genae Cook said.

Officer Cook said officers are going to be on the lookout for people driving under the influence.

"Find an Uber, find a taxi, or find a Lyft. Whatever you need to make your way home safely and it will be a whole lot cheaper than a DUI," Officer Cook said.

They want people to have fun and be safe while doing so.

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