Two arrested after armed robbery, car chase

GREENWOOD, Ind. – Thomas Stokes, 19, and James Price, 21, both of Indianapolis, were arrested following a car chase and crash on the south side after the robbery of the GameStop store at 916 North U.S. 31 at around closing time.

“I see the dude come right through our store and he’s immediately got the gun out holding it like this with the extended mag and telling us, ‘Be cool, be cool and head to the back,’” said Benjamin Stephens who was getting ready to lock up for the night at the time of the robbery. “They were just grabbing consoles out of the back and taking them to the front, stacking them, they were making multiple trips stacking them and right there at the end they took them to their car.”

Stephens positively identified Stokes as the man who held a gun on him while the face of the other robber was concealed by a hoodie.

“One of ‘em was starting to panic and kept saying, ‘Let’s go, let’s go,’ and I think he saw someone kind of taking notice as they kept putting consoles in their car,” said Stephens.  “We were still on the floor and 20 seconds later the cop walks in with his gun out and he’s telling us, “IMPD. Did you guys just get robbed?’”

Greenwood police said Price told them the duo “came down to rob the GameStop store because it was outside of Indy.”

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