4 teens in custody after police say they broke into patrol cars at Arsenal Tech

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police took four juveniles into custody on the near east side of Indianapolis Wednesday morning. They're accused of breaking into police cars outside Arsenal Technical High School and stealing items like keys, flashlights, gloves and gas cards.

Police said they got the 911 call a little before 5 a.m., after a neighbor saw four people in a yard. When officers got to the area, they spotted five boys and chased them.

Officers were able to catch four suspects, who they said were around 14 and 15 years old, but investigators are looking for a fifth person who was seen running away from the high school with a gun.

"I hate to hear about stuff like that happens," said neighbor Mike Rettig.

While police spoke with the teenagers and went through some of the items, they found out other cars in the area had items stolen from them.

Police said they were able to return some property back to the owners, but other items are still being sorted out.

IMPD said the story was a great example of neighbors speaking up when they see something that looks suspicious.

"The sooner we get information, the sooner we can prevent something from further happening or just check up on what's going on," said IMPD spokesperson Genae Cook.

A police report stated the teens are facing charges of vandalism, criminal trespass, resisting law enforcement, possession of stolen property, and theft from a motor vehicle. The report listed four cars that were broken into and listed another victim in the incident.

The report added that none of the vehicles targeted were locked. The keys were also not inside the cars.

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