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Bargersville firefighter saves woman’s life while on vacation in Florida

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – The battalion chief of the Bargersville Fire Department proved that even when he’s on vacation, his work doesn’t stop.

David Porter rescued a woman who stopped breathing and didn’t have a pulse while on vacation with his family in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Porter says his daughter was the one who alerted him to the woman, who was at the bottom of a pool.

Someone brought the woman to him and with help from another firefighter, he gave her three rounds of CPR until she able to breathe again on her own.

“Honestly, I was just trying to help,” said Porter. “I knew what to do and I was able to make a difference, just glad I was able to do that.”

According to Porter, the lady ended up being okay and was able to go back to the resort the next day after she was checked out at a local hospital.

Porter says he was just glad he could make a difference and hopes his story shows the importance of knowing CPR.

“It’s a very good tool,” said Porter. “Obviously helped me that day. I felt fortunate I was able to make a difference with it that day.”

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