Delaware County officials warn of phone scam

MUNCIE, Ind. – Officials in Delaware County are warning about a phone scam where callers are pretending to be law enforcement, demanding money for outstanding warrants or missed court dates.

On Tuesday, loan officer Linda was working at the Muncie Federal Credit Union, when a member came in wanting to withdraw nearly $1,000. The member was skeptical, but also worried.

"She was frantic," Linda said. "Our members trust us with their money and their livelihood, which is their checking account.”

According to Linda, the woman said a man identifying himself as a "detective" called and told her she had failed to appear in court. The "detective" said she was going to be arrested unless she gave him $900. To Linda, the story didn't feel right.

“That was one of the first things out of my mouth," Linda said. "That has to be a scam.”

With the scammer still on the line, Linda placed a call to the county sheriff's office.

“We called to make sure there were no warrants and they informed us they already had another call about this same scenario, but slightly different,” Linda said.

Both Muncie police and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office got calls about the scam. The scam calls were disguised as the sheriff department’s number, and the caller knew the victim's name and where they worked. The callers pressured the victims to not hang up the phone and to act fast.

Luckily for this victim, her credit union acted fast too.

“No, this person did not take any money anywhere,” Linda said proudly.

Police do not believe the callers were local. Both departments say they will never make calls demanding money.

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