Brighter to start the weekend, temperatures will rise


It looked cool and damp but overall, not a bad end to the work week. Remember it started very cold - low 20s early Monday morning and not even reaching 50° Monday afternoon. We have strung together four days of 50° and 60° days to end the work week.

Sunshine will return entering the weekend but clouds have been stubborn to break. Late day, hi-resolution visible satellite imagery confirmed breaks in the overcast and fleeting moments of sunshine.

Sky conditions will improve through the night but at low levels some areas of fog are possible. Do not be disappointed early Saturday with a grey open, the fog/haze will dissipate and skies will brighten by mid-morning and early afternoon. The sunshine Saturday will aid in the temperature rise to nearly 70-degrees by afternoon!


There will be an increase in clouds on Sunday with a threat of showers and even a thunderstorm. While rainfall is in the forecast, it is not looking like a wash out by any means. Showers will become more numerous in coverage and intensity by early afternoon. Current thinking is that as much as 50% of the area will experience some rainfall. Many rain-free/dry hours are still expected!

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