Spring storm strengthens with thunderstorm threat rising


The stalled front across central Indiana set up a wide range of temperatures from north to south Wednesday. From 50° to 60° to 70° late in the day, a stalled front will move very little overnight. When the front lifts north, all of central Indiana has a shot at 80° on Thursday.

Gusty winds will blow Thursday, ahead of the approaching storm. Gusts could reach 40 to possibly 50 mph late into the afternoon. A wind advisory has been issued.


While the storm rages out west delivering blizzard conditions in its cold sector, the warm sector of the storm will turn unstable. Though no storms are expected here until late night Thursday into Friday morning, a severe weather threat remains possible. While the sun sets after storms have initiated across Illinois, the upper-level winds will propel the storms east. A line of fast moving, strong to severe storms packing damaging wind gusts are possible, reaching the Illinois-Indiana state line near 12 a.m. We are still monitoring the conditions and the ingredients for the storms, and we are currently bracketing the hours from 11 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Friday morning.

There is a possibility a watch box will be required late Thursday, as we are outlined for a potential threat of severe storms from the Storm Prediction Center. Be sure to check in throughout the day for the latest updates online and on air at FOX59.

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