Kokomo police believe same thieves responsible for jewelry store burglaries across county lines

KOKOMO, Ind. — Law enforcement is calling on the community's eyes and ears to help them solve multiple jewelry burglaries across Indiana.

Kokomo Police tell FOX59 they believe the same people are responsible for the three crimes.

Capt. Tonda Cockrell with the Kokomo Police Department said the first jewelry store burglary happened on March 26 around 3:00am at Retherford Fine Jewelry on East Hoffer Street. Two people wearing masks and dark clothing while carrying trash bags and a hammer forced their way into the jewelry store.
Surveillance footage of the incident shows the pair looking through the cabinets, trying to find jewelry. Fortunately, owner Ed Retherford was two steps ahead.

"It's all locked up in safes during the night," Retherford said. "In the jewelry business, that's standard practice."

Law enforcement is also investigating a burglary at Bowers Jewelry in Huntington. That burglary happened just a few hours after the one in Kokomo, at 5:35 a.m.

Bowers Jewelry reported a burglary with two people who appear to be the same duo from the Kokomo store. Wearing the same clothing and carrying a hammer and trash bags, Kokomo Police said they forced their way into the jewelry shop through a window.

A third jewelry store burglary happened on April 9 at Lowden Jewelers in Marion, according to Kokomo Police. Just like the other two crimes, two people carrying trash bags and a hammer forced their way into the front glass door.

"They didn't get in jewelry from our [Kokomo] business, they got a small amount of change in the change drawer," Capt. Cockrell said. "But, the other stores did have some jewelry stolen. So, if anybody's pawning this on the street, selling it in pawn shops, you might call your local law enforcement."

If you have any information that could help police make an arrest in these cases call 317-262-TIPS.

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