Hamilton Co. Highway Department looking into ‘dangerous’ 146th and Gray intersection

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – Already this year, seven accidents have occurred at one intersection in Hamilton County intersection.

One driver told us he wants to see changes before someone gets killed. The Hamilton County Highway Department says they’re doing everything they can to make sure you’re safe.

The high-volume area of 146th and Gray Road sees 43,000 vehicles daily.

“It’s crazy, especially at night when it’s rush hour it backs up terribly,” said David White, who lives along 146th Street, “It’s very dangerous!”

Traffic, distracted driving, bad judgement and speed are all factors that lead to accidents. This past Friday, a vehicle was inverted in a serious crash at the intersection. Two years ago, a woman died in a head-on collision. Before that, a motorcyclist was killed.

“Fix it because people are going to get hurt or killed,” urged White.

Those aren’t the only reports. In 2015, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office reported 15 crashes at 146th Street and Gray Road. This year, we’re already up to seven in the first four months.

Accident reports at 146th and Gray Road by the numbers provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office:

  • 2019 to date: 7
  • 2018: 10
  • 2017: 5
  • 2016: 10
  • 2015: 15
  • 2014: 9
  • 2013:16
  • 2012: 9
  • 2011: 7
  • 2010: 11

“We don’t take things lightly,” said Brandi Tarner with the Hamilton County Highway Department.

Last year, a corridor and feasibility study was created for 146th Street. It’s just a study, so that doesn’t mean construction is planned anytime soon. However, the Hamilton County Highway Department hired an engineering firm to study five intersections along the stretch of road. This will help determine what fixes, if any, need to be completed. The other intersections include Lowes Way, Greyhound Pass, Cool Creek Commons Entrance, Carey Road and Hazel Dell Parkway.

“Do we feel like nothing needs to be done? Should we update the signal timing at this intersection? Do we feel like a roundabout is warranted?” explained Turner.

“The light is a huge improvement and they re-did the entire intersection, however with all the building and moving in traffic has picked up. It needs to be re-addressed,” said Lois White, who lives along 146th Street.

Tarner says they have received a handful of complaints and it’s their priority to address each one. Once they receive a complaint through e-mail or mail, that’s when they start their investigation. Then, the traffic technician will go out and do a traffic study, set out counters, and figure out if anything can be done.

“All of the them mention backups due to traffic,” said Tarner. “Heavy traffic, how far it backs up.”

Construction is more likely an option for the future. However, crews are working now to find a way to make this high-volume intersection, safer.

“We do an investigation off of any e-mail that we get,” said Tarner.

The Hamilton County Highway Department suggests you e-mail or write a letter expressing your concerns. Click here for contact information.

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