UPDATE: DNR confirms bobcat, not mountain lion, killed Brown County family’s pet

NASHVILLE, Ind. — Last month, we told you about a family in Brown County who said a large cat attacked and killed their beloved house cat.

They chased the animal through the woods with a gun because they thought it was a mountain lion.

However, state wildlife officials say the animal was a bobcat, not a mountain lion.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources began investigating the case on March 11.

DNR staff examined the cat’s carcass and found bite measurements that could be consistent with either a bobcat or small mountain lion.

But the agency said Wednesday that eight of 10 DNA swabs of saliva taken from a bite wound on the cat detected bobcat DNA.

The DNR said none of the swabs detected mountain lion DNA and “the combination of genetics and the bite measurements leads us to conclude that a bobcat, not a mountain lion” kill the domestic cat.

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