Donor’s family unexpectedly meets man who received relative’s heart at Cardinals game

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A chance encounter at a St. Louis Cardinals game brought a woman together with the man who received her late brother’s heart Sunday, KTVI reports.

Savannah Chavez Roesch wrote on Facebook that she and her family were attending the game for Transplant Awareness Day to honor her younger brother.

After getting their picture taken, Roesch says she gave an email address to the photographer to send her a copy and that’s when a woman asked “Are you Donovan’s family.”

Turns out, it was the recipient of her brother’s heart. His daughter recognized the photo on the family’s shirts from a letter the family sent last year, according to Roesch.

“We were all in COMPLETE SHOCK & AWE!!!” Roesch wrote.

In her Facebook post, Roesch included video of the family, visibly emotional as they listen to the man’s heart. After the shock wore off, Roesch says the group went back to get a group photo with their “new found family.”

“I think Donovan arranged us to meet this way,” wrote Roesch.

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