Brownsburg firefighters help mow elderly man’s lawn after responding to 911 call

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BROWNSBURG, Ind. – Brownsburg firefighters who responded to a 911 call ended up mowing an elderly man’s lawn for him and the kind act was caught on camera.

“It was kinda a routine call,” said firefighter Steve Shoffner as he recalled the alert he heard over the loud speaker at station 131 on Friday.

The call was for an unconscious person. Employees at a bank across the street from the elderly man's home called 911 after seeing the homeowner fall down while mowing his lawn.

However, once first responders got there, he was back on his feet.

“He was sitting and talking to bystanders when we got there," said firefighter Adam Roach. "It was determined he did not need to be transported to the hospital.”

The crew checked his vitals and realized the man just needed rest and that he was going to be okay. However, they looked out at his lawn and realized there was still more work to be done.

“It sounded like everyone had that in mind," said Shoffner. "If we we’re going to be there, might as well try and help him out.”

Without even discussing it among themselves, the crew got to work finishing the lawn. They took turns pushing the mower around the roughly 1 acre yard, as bystanders across the street captured the moment.

“That’s not something you see every day, that they’re going to finish mowing someone's yard,” said Nathan James, a manager at a pool store across the street.

Pictures of the firefighters soon made it onto Facebook, and comments about the remarkable deed came pouring in.

“It shouldn’t be remarkable," said firefighter Tom Drummond. "We’re just doing what we do.”

"Helping each other out is great, and if people are encouraged by that I think that’s wonderful,” Shoffner said.

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