Indiana sheriff’s office asks drug dealers to turn in their competition: ‘Let us take away your financial worries’

Southern Indiana sheriff’s office offers to eliminate drug dealers’ competition

JENNINGS COUNTY, Ind. – A southern Indiana sheriff’s office is offering to take care of drug dealers’ competition for them.

The Jennings County Sheriff’s Office posted a flyer on Facebook on Wednesday, addressing the dealers directly.

“Too much competition bringing you down?” wrote the sheriff’s office. “Are you not making the profits you once did? We are here to help you eliminate your competition!”

All officers ask is that the dealers fill out a form, which includes their competition’s name, where they live, what they drive, their license plate number and state, the drugs they sell, and the times and/or days of highest activity.

“Let us take away your financial worries,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Once the form is complete, it can be emailed to .

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