IndyCar Grand Prix festivities kick off in Speedway

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Whether you come for the tradition, the action or the people, everyone knows the sounds.

With thousands of people flocking into town for this weekend’s IndyCar Grand Prix, neighbors close to the track are ready.

"It’s something else,” Jacob Miller said of May in Indy.

Miller is a manager at Daredevil Brewery, located on Main Street in Speedway. They go all out in May with race-themed beer and special events.

“With the addition of the Grand Prix, it's drug the month out longer so we have more going on for the month of May which is great for all these businesses on Main Street now,” Miller said.

"Over here you got the pulled pork and more tips,” said Willie Smith as he opened up the smoker out in back of Barbeque and Bourbon on Main.

The restaurant owner says crews begin showing up at the end of April, slowly building up to the busiest day, which for them is Carb Day.

"That’s the busiest day," said owner Marcia Huff. "It builds, builds, builds, you get there, then it goes down just a little bit because everyone’s at the track. And then race day is always an experience.”

The restaurant hires about 10 more employees to handle the people, and their smoker runs nearly 20 hours a day.

“I love it, I smell like it all day," Smith said of the smoke. "It's like my cologne!”

If you couldn’t already tell, May is here, and fans and businesses are ready

"I love it, I just love being down here,” said a fan who's getting ready to attend his 60th Indy 500.

The gates open for the IndyCar Grand Prix at 7:30 a.m.

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