Senior living facility makes 100-year-old woman’s dream of zip lining come true

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. – Clear Vista Lake Health Campus employees are assisting residents to fulfill their life-long dreams.

One of them is Margaret Planter. When she turned 100 years old in March, she was asked what she wanted to do.

“I ask every resident what their living dream would be. And Margaret turning 100, I asked what she wanted to do and she mentioned zip lining," said Nadine Graham, Life Enrichment Director.

But Planter wasn't quite sure.

“And then Kelli said she would do it with me so I said okay, I’m ready," Planter said.

So she immediately began training, trying to regain her strength for a wild ride in the sky.

“Physical therapy at Clear Vista, they helped me strengthen my legs and prepare for this. They had some steps that I practiced going up and down so I could be able to handle the steps," she said.

She thought she was only going for one zip line. But to her surprise, she would complete the entire course, with a total of eight lines.

“I thought at some point I’d just do a couple and stop. Once you get started you have to finish," Planter said.

But it showed her dedication. During her tired moments, she continued pushing towards the finish line.

"Just think of it as the way I can stretch myself and do what I can do. Don’t stop thinking I’m old and I can’t do something so I just keep doing it," she said.

At Clear Vista Lake, employees encourage the residents to live their lives to the fullest.

“Continue living. Continue pushing. Continue the life that you have, because you only get one," Graham said.

Planter agrees and shares a little advice for anyone who doesn't believe they can do anything.

"I think God has a purpose for each of us," she said.

FOX59 asked Planter if she has any plans for her 101st birthday.

"No big plans, just to follow what God wants me to do," Planter said.

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