Potholes might force Indy family to move after 50 years

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A family on the west side is pleading for help. They say their house that’s been passed down for generations might have to be put up for sale all due to a pothole problem.

The Kellers live on the corner of Holmes Avenue and Wilcox Street. They’ve lived in the house for 50 years, but Tracy Keller says he’s ready to leave all of it behind because of what’s surrounding their home.

“It’s like bumper cars you got to dodge, dodge, dodge and you can’t dodge them all. I’ve had to replace three to four tires. It’s hard on me,” said Keller.

He says, disabled family members are being put in danger due to the number of potholes on Wilcox Street. The uneven sidewalks are also becoming a danger and making it unsafe for children to play outside.

“There’s no way you can drive down the alley and not tear your vehicle up. So, I come here and back in,” said Keller, “I’m not going down that way, especially when kids are in the car.”

We reached out to the Department of Public Works. A spokesperson told us they have two reports from 2017 from the Keller’s address, but these new concerns are now on their radar.  Their concerns are being sent to the engineering team to see if a crew can come and assess what work needs to be done.

The Department of Public Works sent this statement:

Our engineering team keeps an updated assessment of all of the streets and sidewalks in Indianapolis. Our team is constantly evaluating the condition of our infrastructure and will make sure this request is included.

As with any other service request, we rely heavily on citizens to be our eyes and ears. We ask residents to report issues via Request Indy and through the Mayor’s Action Center. It’s also worth noting people who submit reports through Request Indy can include photos with their request.

Keller says this gives him hope that his family can continue to live at the corner of Holmes Avenue for the next 50 years.

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