Carmel residents stunned by damage from Thursday’s storms

CARMEL, Ind. – Central Indiana neighbors are picking each other up following a severe blast of thunderstorms Thursday night.

At times, the whipping rain sounded like being in a car wash, but the storm was more like watching a prize fighter box. People said the storm landed punches in bunches. The short bursts left parts of central Indiana knocked out.

“I live on the other side of the house. My grandmother lives with me. I thought maybe she fell,” Brandon King said of the storm. “It was trees hitting our house.”

A giant tree trunk came crashing down on a fence in his front yard, however it did dodge his neighbor’s mailbox and spared King’s new roof.

“Haven’t been up there yet,” King said of the roof. “I’m afraid to go up there to be honest.”

King’s home sits on a side street off of 106th. He said before we showed up, his road was impassable from debris. A neighbor came to trim it up and clear it out.

“People were driving off into the yard to get around it,” King said. “There’s quite a few people stranded by down trees, power lines, stuff like that.”

Scott Budnick is among the people who were without power. A tree in front of his home shattered as a chunk split from the center.

“It’s seen better days,” Budnick joked. “I actually thought it was my strongest tree. Big crack, then my wife said she saw a tree down in the neighbor’s yard.”

Behind his home on McPherson Street laid a disaster zone marked off by caution tape. Besides a huge tree blocking the road, down power lines and power poles landed in his neighbors’ front yards.

“The fire truck just left. It was keeping people from turning down [the road],” Budnick said.

“Really rough when this storm came in,” Carmel fire public information officer Tim Griffin said. “We had heavy winds, lots of lightning, and multiple fires going on at once.”

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