Crews patch sinking portion of eastbound I-70 in Greenfield

GREENFIELD, Ind. – All lanes of I-70 in Greenfield are back open right now after undergoing some quick repairs. A portion of the interstate was sinking near the Mt. Comfort Road exit.

It stretched roughly 10 feet long and it was a couple inches deep.

“As I was driving today in the slow lane, my car would just drop and I would come up and it would drop,” said one driver.

Crews repaired the sinking interstate on Thursday

For some drivers, it was hard to miss. INDOT believes extra water and aging infrastructure caused the problem.

“There’s a ditch over there by that exit and it is not draining properly so the water gets under there, under the interstate, and it creates this saturated portion of asphalt,” said Mallory Duncan, a spokesperson for INDOT.

Duncan said it begins to sink when cars go over it every single day. INDOT was out on Thursday to put a temporary fix on the interstate.

She said it is not a common problem but crews have seen it before. Duncan said the same thing happened just last week not far from this portion of I-70.

“It was not as deep as this one was but it is something that pops up as the infrastructure gets older,” she said.

One man said he saw something similar about 60 miles away.

“I did not see anything that extreme but I did hit a few points where I was a little uncertain about what had just happened,” he said.

INDOT said projects in 2020 and 2023 will hopefully fix the problem for good. They plan to resurface and patch this portion of I-70 and may even look at putting in a new drainage system.

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