Motorcyclists ask public to keep lawn clippings out of streets for their safety

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FISHERS, Ind. – May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and local bikers are warning homeowners that their curb appeal may put bikers’ lives in danger.

Lawn clippings that blow into the street can turn pavement into ice for bikers. The moisture and texture of wet grass can squish when a bike travels over it, causing a rider to lose control when braking.

“Creates a road hazard for us," said American Legion Rider John Jones with Post 341. "We are only on two wheels. Cars have four wheels, anti-lock brakes and everything else. We don’t have that.”

Jones's friend was riding in Cicero when his bike slid out from under him as he drove over neglected lawn clippings.

"He actually came across, the back slipped out from underneath him. Just the bike slipping from underneath him, doing 15 MPH, did $6,500 worth of damage to his bike," including injuries said Jones.

States like North Carolina are debating legislature that would categorize lawn waste like grass as littering.

“There are mothers, fathers, sons, grandsons, we are all out there riding. We just want people to be responsible, think about what’s going on," Jones said. "Blow it back in your yard. [People] usually don’t want it in the yard because it clumps up. They don’t want to rake it up. They put it in the yard, and think cars will blow it away. Turn your blade the other way, or your motor deck the other way, that’s all it takes.”

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