Local teenage contest winner has script turned into movie

SPENCER, Ind. — A Spencer high school sophomore is becoming a film writer overnight.

Marjorie Abrell won a statewide script contest with Pigasus Pictures in Bloomington. The company is in the process of filming and editing her movie. It should take three days to shoot and two months to edit.

“Pick a winner, and take a professional film crew to their town, and make a movie with high school students,” detailed John Armstrong with Pigasus Pictures. “The purpose of theatre, or film, is to reflect life. When people watch it, they want to see their lives told because it makes us feel like, ‘I’m not alone in the world.’ I thought that’s exactly what Marjorie’s script did.”

Abrell’s film is a one day teenage romance, where two youngsters randomly meet in a shop. One person falls for the other, then works to get the courage to ask the other to the movies.

“It’s nice to have a shot with someone who you think you might not have chance with,” Abrell said. “I want everyone to be able to see it, and be like, ‘I’ve been through that,’ or, ‘I’ve felt that.’”

The 12-page movie should be around 12 to 13 minutes long. When her film is done, the production company plans to show it around the state in film festivals as well as at the Tivoli Theater in her home town of Spencer.

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