‘I was mortified’: Indianapolis woman works to clean up messy stores in her community

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Shauna Lipscomb says when she walked into the Family Dollar store on 30th and Keystone she was shocked by what she saw.

"I was mortified. Literally, I was like this is horrible," Lipscomb said.

Inside Lipscomb says the store looked like it was hit by a tornado. She says there were countless items on the floor, the shelves were in disarray, the floors were dirty and there was trash everywhere.

“It looked like an abandoned store that was closed, dilapidated. It looked terrible,” she said.

Lipscomb said she asked the clerk about the mess who told her they simply didn’t have the time or manpower to clean it up. When she went back to the store a day later, she says barely anything had been cleaned.

"I don’t believe it takes that long to mop a floor. I don’t think it takes that much that even if you can’t put it back on the exact shelf, you put it on a shelf."

Lipscomb made a complaint to the corporate office but didn’t hear anything back. In an email to FOX59, a spokesperson said they would “promptly address the issue.”

Lipscomb wants to take it a step further.

“If they’re not going to do it, I’m going to do it because I want it done,” she said.

Lipscomb says too many businesses in neighborhoods like hers are in a similar condition, so she’s organizing a community initiative to clean it up. She says she wants to start with Family Dollar stores then move onto other stores and parts of the community.

“What we can do as a community is clean up our community… If we bind together then we don’t have to let this happen,” she said.

After posting about it on Facebook, Lipscomb says she is getting more support in her mission. Shauna knows her goal is ambitious, won’t be easy, and might be clouded in red tape, but she also knows there are plenty more people like her who have had enough. If they come together, she says they can get it done.

Lipscomb says she is still looking for more volunteers and people who can help her organize her initiative. She can be reached at kateskloset2018@gmail.com

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