Westfield adds new safety kiosk to Monon Trail

WESTFIELD, Ind. – New equipment in Westfield is designed to protect anyone who uses the Monon Trail.

An interactive kiosk will catch crimes on camera and allow people using the trail to call 911. City officials said the idea stemmed from the murders on the Delphi Historic Trail two years ago.

Abby Williams and Libby German were walking on the trail there when they were killed. Their murders remain unsolved despite tens of thousands of tips from around the country.

“The idea for it and the inspiration from it came from the Delphi incident,” said project manager Samuel Rivard with the City of Westfield Informatics. “When the Delphi incident happened – we as a municipality can’t sit back and let stuff like that happen. We need to come out with ideas and technology to make our trails safer, as well as our city.”

The city partnered with Hamilton County Tourism to pay for the kiosk. If you’re on the trail during a storm, the kiosk will provide updates and warn you of impending severe weather.

“This was the first mile of trail that was installed in Westfield nearly 10 years ago, so it’s a great place to put the latest technology,” said Westfield Mayor Andy Cook. “It’s more than just information—it’s also about trail safety.”

The city also plans to install kiosks at the trailhead at 161st Street and the new pedestrian bridge at State Road 32.

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