Dry stretch doesn’t last long; rainy setup coming this week

Hope you're enjoying our current dry stretch! We certainly needed it. In the Indianapolis area, 20 of the last 32 days have had rain. This has made it very difficult for farmers to get their crops planted. The latest Crop Progress Report shows that only 22% of corn in Indiana has been planted. By now, we generally average around 85%. So, we are way behind!

Tomorrow and most of Tuesday will also be fantastic days to get some of this work done.  Make sure you wear the sunscreen if you're going to be outdoors though. Our UV index will be at an 8 - meaning, it only takes about 15 minutes for a sunburn to happen without any protection on your skin.

Our dry stretch doesn't last long. By Tuesday evening, rain chances will be on the rise. Clouds will roll in throughout the day on Tuesday, then, the rain begins Tuesday night. From there, we really won't see much, if any sun, for the next several days. It's possible that parts of central Indiana will see a couple inches of rain, with locally higher amounts, between Tuesday night and next Sunday.

For tonight - high pressure is building in and clouds will continue to clear overnight. This will allow more heat from the surface to be lost, making for a much cooler start to the day by Monday morning. By the afternoon, we'll have temperatures in the mid 70's with lots of sunshine!! So, for now, set the umbrella aside and break out the sunglasses these next couple days.


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