Can you ever have enough toilet paper? Charmin doesn’t think so

The Forever Roll from Charmin

Nothing lasts forever, but Charmin’s giving it the old college try with the “Forever Roll.”

The company claims you can go an entire month without changing your roll of toilet paper. The Forever Roll is about three times the size of a conventional roll (about 5” diameter).

It comes in two sizes, Multi-User (12” diameter) and Single-User (8.7” diameter). According to The Wall Street Journal, Procter & Gamble Co. created the huge roll to appeal to those who live by themselves and have limited storage space.

The company had Millennials and older consumers in mind when designing the roll, according to WSJ.

You can find more information about the Forever Roll at Charmin’s website. The company is offering a “starter kit” that includes three rolls plus a steel roll holder, screw-in wall mount or adhesive wall mount. The Multi-User version retails at $29.97 while the Single-User set is $16.47.

And here’s what Charmin says about the massive rolls:

Now go up to ONE MONTH before changing your roll. Looking for an irresistibly soft toilet paper that seems to last forever? Charmin has got you covered. With Forever Roll, you can go longer between roll changes without sacrificing your comfort. It’s super convenient and long-lasting, so you have one less thing to think about!

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