Quiet and mild for now


The cool, dry air afford a temperatures drop into the middle/upper 40s away from downtown Indianapolis early Tuesday morning, very un-June like.  The low levels of humidity or dry air can cool quickly and heat up just fast.

Temperatures Tuesday jumped into the mid/upper 70s by late date all due in part to the dry air but also the strong June sunshine.


Just days away from the official start of summer (Friday June 21st) the sun angle is nearing its peak for the year.

Adding the sun was key to the nice day as it turned out to be one of the sunniest days of the month,

Sunshine has been in short supply since May first.  May only produced half the possible sunshine and we are on the same track thus far in June.  June sunshine ranks tied for third among all months only trailing July and August.

Skies will cloud again Wednesday with rain chances returning late Wednesday.  More frequent showers and thunderstorms are coming again Thursday and again for the upcoming weekend.



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