Hoosier football star Hale balancing being a student athlete and a father

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Father's Day is very special for one Indiana University (IU) football player, since he gets to spend his college career with his "work out buddy".
When Donovan Hale isn't catching touchdowns for the Hoosiers, he is taking care of his 2-year-old son Weston.
“It's not about me anymore, it's about him," Hale said, "I don’t care what he plays. I don’t even care if he doesn’t play a sport. I just want him to grow up, and be a fine young man."
Hale let us into his world, and said the balance between being a student athlete and a father isn't as hard when you have support. Lucky for Hale, he has an entire football team.
“When both of us can't be there, we will call one of our friends, and hopefully they can come through for us," Hale said, "100% of the time they do.”
Weston's mother has him during the day while she takes psychology courses online. Whether it's bringing him to the dining hall, or running the field, the three use everything IU has to offer to keep their lives as normal as possible.
“We still have family members send us diapers, send us money, whenever we need it," Hale joked.
Last season Hale tallied more 508 yards and 6 touchdown catches for the Hoosiers. He's hoping for a chance at playing in the NFL to support his family.
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