Carmel church helps eliminate $2 million of medical debt for Hoosiers

Photo from announcement at Northview Church on June 16, 2019

CARMEL, Ind. – Medical debt can be overwhelming and discouraging for many Hoosiers.

But thanks to the help of one local church and one charity, more than two million dollars of debt is being erased.

Northview Church partnered with the charity RIP Medical Debt to erase more than 2,500 people’s debt with a $20,000 donation.

Northview Church recently took the money from their Dollar Club and turned it into a donation for the charity.

“We have around 10,000 people that come, so we collect around $10,000 when we do a Dollar Club. This time we collected right at $20,000, so with that $20,000, when we gave that to RIP Medical Debt, they will be able to pay off over two million dollars in debt,” Northview Church Senior Pastor Steve Poe said.

Letters will go out in the next few weeks to all those people letting them know their medical debt is now gone.

You may remember last November, FOX59 helped struggling Hoosiers erase nearly 1.5 million dollars in medical debt the same way. Thousands of Hoosiers have to file for bankruptcy every year, and many times, it’s because of medical debt.

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