Weekend tornado devastates Red Hill Stables in Ellettsville

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ELLETTSVILLE, Ind. – Red Hill Stables in Ellettsville will have to be rebuilt after being hit by a tornado over the weekend.

The owner of the stables, Vicki Figg, says the indoor arena is gone, half of the stalls are unusable and her own home is heavily damaged.

Most of Figg’s horses were not hurt, but one horse did have to be put down after tripping over debris and fracturing her leg.

“I ran up here, checked the indoor horses, they were just eating hay and drinking water like, ‘hi mom, what's up,’” said Figg.

Figg has a long road ahead as she plans to rebuild the stables. She’s hoping insurance coverage and the help of friends will cover the costs.

“Well, we're gonna clean up, get quotes on what it takes to replace everything,” said Figg. “My husband is a carpenter, he builds."

As for the horses, their new home for a while will be the pasture.

“The horses are in good shape,” said Figg. “They’re in a pasture where nothing can hurt them or anything. They have access to water, everything. But, we just need to get this cleaned up to where they have a full pasture.”

Friends and neighbors have shown up to help with the cleanup and a fundraiser is planned to help pay for the repairs and rebuild.

Figg is just grateful the damage wasn’t worse.

“We’ll rebuild and we'll just make it bigger and better. It's all we can do. I mean things happen in our lives,” said Figg. “God put it there for a reason. He shuts the door. He opens new doors and I just have to walk through the doors he opens.”

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