A refreshing change underway

A refreshing change is underway. Northeast winds are ushering in drier, more comfortable air. While humidity is still high, with dew point temperatures in the low 70’s, they have actually come down a couple degrees from where they were just 24 hours ago.

This trend of lowering humidity will continue into Monday. By tomorrow afternoon, you’ll really start to feel a difference. Dew point temperatures fall from the “oppressive range,” where they are today, down to very comfortable levels.

It will still be warm though. However, the heat will be more manageable the next couple days, with “Feels Like” temperatures much closer to the actual temperature, rather than nearing 100° like we have felt several days this week.

Aside from a couple isolated showers tonight, rain chances are very limited most of the week. Rain chances will return Wednesday and Thursday, however, even then, many won’t even see it. Humidity rises again mid-week, so, enjoy the break and dry dry stretch now.

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