Your Town Friday: “Edinburgh is not a common place for this!”

Edinburgh, Ind. - A fascination with fish inspired Brandon Grimes to get a paper route at 12-years-old and save for his first aquarium. Today, he's a manager at his dream job in Edinburgh.

"I actually kind of stalked the owner Jason for about six weeks until he gave me a job and I’ve been working here since!" said Grimes.

Jason Frey loved saltwater aquariums and started Premium Aquatics in a 10 x 12 room in his house 23 years ago. He outgrew the room quickly and rented some warehouse locations until he settled in the town of Edinburgh, about 30 miles south of Indianapolis.

Today, the reach of Premium Aquatics is worldwide.

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Grimes manages the sales and operations.

"It’s not a common location for something of this statute and business to be located," said Grimes. "We ship all over the United States. We have accounts that will ship to Afghanistan, Europe, Canada and on and on."

They ship dry goods, but the livestock is just for locals.

Premium Aquatics opens twice a month and it's usually so packed you have to take a number!

Brandon and the crew are especially proud of the impact they're having on sustainability.

"It is where corals or fish have been tank raised or they have been bred in an aquarium specifically to keep them from being taken from the wild."

Premium Aquatics is nearly about to outgrow the current warehouse too, but Edinburgh holds a a special place in their heart.

"Edinburgh is a small, tight-knit community. We really enjoy the area and it’s a nice location for something we can ship all over the place!"

Premium Aquatics will be open Saturday July 6 from 12 - 3 p.m. Not only is there a Fourth of July sale, but if you mention Your Town Friday on Saturday you get 10% off livestock! The Fourth of July sale works online as well. Click here for more!

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