Recipe from Prime 47: Blazin’ Blake’s Mac and Cheese

Blazin’ Blake’s Mac and Cheese

Sriracha mac sauce

Jalapeños diced  2 ea

Red onion diced   1 ea

Red bell pepper diced.  1 ea

Pepper bacon cooked 1 pound

Heavy cream.  3 qts

Chicken base  1 tbl

White cheddar 3 cups

Siracha.  3 cups

Salt and pepper  to taste

Cook bacon half way then add veggies allow to sweat then add heavy cream bring to boil then add cheese and salt and pepper bring to boil mix all together with blender.

Add Campanella pasta mix together and garnish with green onions siracha and bread crumbs


Prime steak sliders

Brioche slider buns toast

Prime 2 oz steak portion sliders with house steak seasoning

Herb cream cheese which is

1 pound cream cheese

2 tbl fresh thyme

1/2 cup minced garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

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