Tracking beneficial rain from Barry along with intense heat late week!

Data pix.

This morning is dry and warm, under mainly clear skies. Overall, a typical summer morning here in Indiana. Hazy sunshine and more heat will build back in again this afternoon with highs reaching around 90°. A few storms will develop around 3 p.m. and again bring beneficial downpours for several counties, but some lightning will pose a threat too.

This evening spotty showers will continue while clouds thicken with remnants of Barry moving in. The added clouds and moisture from Barry will bring us much needed rain for tomorrow (Tuesday). For now, the severe weather threat looks really low, so expect general rain to fall with some embedded storms around off and on through the day. Rainfall will certainly help in the drought-stricken areas of late.

Hotter days on the way! In fact, dangerous levels of heat and humidity will build by Thursday and into the weekend. This heat will be no joke and should be taken seriously when working outdoors, for your pets, and elderly neighbors. This is the time when you need to watch out for yourself and others in your community. Be sure to hydrate and have those kids take breaks indoors often.

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