Young Hoosiers trying to stay cool at camp

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Hundreds of young Hoosiers are spending their summer at camp in this brutal heat. With the heat index in the triple digits on Thursday, counselors made changes to keep little ones safe.

Jameson Camp on the city's west side tried to limit time outdoors. No one was on the soccer fields. If the kids were outside, they were cooling off with a slip-n-slide.

The water hose was flowing most of the afternoon.

"Making sure we have more time in the shade than the sun," said Tim Nowak, Director of Camp Operations.

In between rotations, counselors brought the group over for extra water breaks. Nowak said they have kids with asthma so they need to look at those kids a little bit more.

Most activities were in air-conditioned rooms.

"Just a matter of being sensitive and aware to them and when they are overexerting and feeling too much," he said.

At Camp Dellwood, dozens of Girl Scouts were staying cool under the shade and in the pool.

"I think that is one thing in Girl Scouts. We learn to go with the flow," said Danielle Shockey, CEO of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

They doubled the time in the pool to help campers manage the heat. They also added more water stations.

"We train our counselors. They have first aid. We also have lifeguards on duty who have first aid training," she said.

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