Staying safe while drinking alcohol in the heat

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- It's no surprise, this weekend is going to be hot.

"I don't know if it gets any hotter than this," said Ed Bagden, who was enjoying the restaurants along Mass Ave. "It’s not the heat, but it's the humidity that’s the problem.”

The heat index is set to reach triple digits, but that won’t stop Hoosiers from an evening out on the town.

This weekend might not seem like the ideal weekend for a bike ride, but the Pickled Pedaler is all booked up.

“We got five tours today and a full twelve tomorrow," said Rob Deans with the Pickled Pedaler. "So we’re a bit busy.”

The pedal pub tours ride around downtown for about two hours. The goal this weekend is keeping riders cool.

“We have drivers that bring water guns, we have misters on this bike, you know, anything we can do to cut that heat but also have a lot of fun,” Deans said.

When it comes to heat exhaustion, it’s not the pedaling you have to worry about. The bikes run on a motor. It’s what you’re drinking that does the most damage. Alcohol makes you dehydrated, without even realizing it.

”You may see your symptoms of a heat stroke or heat exhaustion come on sooner, and you may not recognize it because of the effects of alcohol as well,” said Dr. Paula Wilham with Community Hospital East Emergency Medicine.

But as always, heat related illnesses are preventable. As long as you limit your time in the sun and drink plenty of water, this weekend can still be one to remember.

“People end up drinking, having a good time in the sun no matter what," Deans said. "We have a good time. We make the best of it."

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