IMPD stings crack down on texting and driving

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Breaking the law is breaking the law, and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is cracking down on texting and driving.

Thanks to a state grant, police are setting up sting operations to educate drivers.

On Tuesday, officers flagged down cars on Madison Avenue. The lookouts average 15 to 20 violations per officer, per hour. Once an officer spotted a violation, police in uniform pulled them over down the street, however, not everyone got a ticket.

"Primary focus is on people who text and drive in their motor vehicle, but we also look for other things including speeding and driving with no seat belt," said IMPD Lt. Richard Kivett.

The grant targets locations near schools, hospitals, construction zones and high crash areas. People who get a violation can expect a $175 dollar fine. In Indiana it’s illegal to send, read or type a message.

“I see people out here putting makeup on, I see people combing their hair, I see people eating," Lt. Kivett said.

Indiana drivers are allowed to use their phone for GPS or music purposes.

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