Stealing packages, thief crashes wedding reception before it happened

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IRVINGTON, Ind. – An Irvington community is on edge because of a porch pirate. A man caught on video stole 4 packages from a home on Ivanhoe street; near South Arlington avenue.

Those packages had no real value to thief but meant the world to the people who bought them.

"It’s a little unnerving; most of the stuff can be replaced but one of the packages were invitations to our wedding reception," Jon Hastings said.

The thief crashed Jon Hastings wedding reception before it started; simply by stealing a package off the porch.

"He took items I’m sure he was hoping to sell or trade to get value out of. They have no real dollar value to anyone else, but mean a lot to me," Hastings said.

It was Thursday afternoon when Hastings caught the porch pirate on video.

In the 20 years of living on Ivanhoe street, it was the first time he’s felt this violated.

"Knowing that, now that party knows some of the additional information, like when and where, is a little unsettling,"Hastings said.

A neighbor spotted the porch pirate and confronted him.

"He got about half a block away north and I guess the packages fell out of his arms. As he was picking them up, a neighbor said 'hey what are you doing with those packages?'” Hastings said.

The thief told the neighbor the packages were his but the thief got away with some of them, including the wedding invitations.

"He took a package that meant absolutely nothing to him and it meant everything to those people," neighbor Vonna Nevins said.

Neighbors say they must remain vigilant and look out for each other.

"People have to survive and I understand that. But don’t steal to do it. Do it the right way like everyone else," Nevins said.

The company Hastings ordered his invitations from has agreed to replace the invitations for free.

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