Westfield neighbors on high alert after overnight car thefts

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WESTFIELD, Ind. — Several neighbors living on Olde Briar Lane in Westfield realized someone rummaged through their vehicles while they slept Monday night into Tuesday morning.

One neighbor tells FOX59 that thieves stole his 2007 Mercedes convertible and crashed it, though police have not confirmed that information to the station.

"My wife got a call this morning at 7:15 from the Indianapolis Police Department saying that they recovered our car after a wreck, that it wasn't sitting in my driveway any longer," Jim Messmer said. "So I went outside and looked, and they were right."

Messmer said his golf clubs were also inside the unlocked vehicle.

Neighbors in the area said they have not experienced crime like this before, and it is common for people to leave cars unlocked when they are parked on their property... at least it was until Tuesday.

"I think everyone's awareness is up," Messmer said. "I don't know if we're nervous or not. But we're certainly going to be more aware of what we're doing."

Elexis Gaines said she normally locks her vehicle, but she forgot on Monday night. She said thieves stole about $200 worth of cash, change and gift cards.

"Lock your cars, lock your doors, even if it's in a quick trip, run into Walmart, lock it," Gaines said. "You can never be too safe anymore."

The neighbors said they communicate with each other through a group chat. They also said they are planning to get security cameras installed.

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