IN Focus: One-on-one with HHS secretary Alex Azar

BLOOMINGTON- Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar appeared on this week's edition of IN Focus after touring an Indiana facility that's supporting one of the administration's new health care initiatives.

Azar and White House domestic policy council chief Joe Grogan visited Baxter International in Bloomington on Friday, which recently announced $500 million in potential investments in American facilities that manufacture distribute products for peritoneal dialysis, part of a Trump administration initiative aimed at fighting kidney disease.

In our interview Friday afternoon, we asked Azar about the administration's health care policy, and the legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act which could leave the ACA's future in doubt, as Democrats lay out more progressive plans for government-run care while also accusing the administration of trying to undermine the ACA.

In the videos below, Azar and Grogan discuss the 'Pledge to America's Workers' and the agency's efforts at lowering prescription drug prices.

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